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This year’s international Controller Magazin Special promises a wide range of insights: Which challenges the Covid-19 crisis presents companies with and how to meet them. ICV managers report from countries where the International Association of Controllers (ICV) is active with regional networks.

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  • Successful on the path to transformation (Hans-Peter Sander | ICV)
  • Management of the coronavirus crisis – insights from the ICV Think Tank (Ronald Gleich, Jan Christoph Munck, Alexander Schlüter | ICV Think Tank)
  • Modern controlling is “two-handed” (Jens Ropers | CA International)
  • IGC anniversary meeting online (Heimo Losbichler | IGC)
  • The path of a data revolution in reporting and compliance (Liv A. Watson | IMA)
  • International Work Group overcomes borders (Herwig R. Friedag | ICV International Work Group)
  • Digital transformations and the role of the controlling function in Bosnia and Herzegovina Enterprises (Slavko Simic | Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Navigating business in the COVID-19 crisis and post-coronavirus era: Hot issues in the view of controllers in China (Zhen Huang, Francesco Ingarsia, Alexander Tobert | China)
  • Transparency – the starting point for better governance (Mladen Meter, M. Zielińsky | Croatia)
  • The good side of the crisis – a significant increase in demand for controlling (Jasmina Očko | Croatia)
  • The strategic approach of Polish enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic (Tomasz M. Zieliński | Poland)
  • A strong offer for controlling and accounting employees – especially from company members (Georg Schneider | Russia)
  • Controlling and integrated reporting (Veselin Perović | Serbia)
  • Crisis – an opportunity to question our way of life? (Dragica Erčulj | Slovenia)
  • Controllers design management control systems (Lukas Rieder, Raef Lawson | Theory & Practice)
  • 3 prestigious awards – applications are welcome (Hans-Peter Sander | ICV)
  • Workgroups: Rooting the ICV controlling philosophy

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